Etcetera - Plants, Flowers & Interiors

Etcetera is beautiful. A shop for plants, flowers and interiors; it opened on Love Lane this week.

The people behind Etcetera are known for their wonderful collections of mid-century modern furniture and when I heard they were opening up a new venture in Margate, this is what I was expecting to see. However, in a break away from the penchant Margate has for vintage and retro, they're presenting a fresh (literally, the place smells divine) and unique place to shop. 

Every object in the shop is of high quality and has been selected with care. It's a place to find quirky artisan things but also elegant pieces of nature. Etcetera is somewhere to buy flowers for your home, source intriguing plants and pick up enticing paraphernalia. 

From cacti to candle stick holders, there's a great range of stylish items. They're affordable too; whether you're looking for a statement house plant or a subtle shelf accessory. 
Etcetera is a simple concept. I was surprised by what was inside but in the best possible way. I don't want to tell you too much because I had a lot of fun discovering things. 


Another new space has arrived in Margate and it's completely original. 
I'll be back very soon.

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  1. Shelley has a great eye for things, I didn't realise this was her! Thanks for the info, I LOVE this shop and what it has done to that corner of Hawley Street. What a fabulous shop to have on our doorstep. :)