Bongo's Bingo

The Bongo’s Bingo phenomenon has been described as a catalyst for a shift in the nightlife scene across the country, with many people eschewing the usual clubs, festivals and bars for an altogether different experience of bingo wildly reinvented into a whole new way of having fun. 

And guess what? It debuts at Margate Winter Gardens on Friday 13th July! 

Bongo’s Bingo is an insane mix of a live show, a rave and heads-down game of bingo, with dance-offs, rave intervals, plenty of heckling, audience participation and countless hands-in-the-air anthems each night.

A wildly diverse demographic flock to Bongo’s Bingo; not just for a night of incredible fun, singalongs and false calls, but also for escapism, nostalgia, dancing on tables and the chance to win big cash prizes. You can also win pink unicorns, Henry Hoovers, mobility scooters and life-size cardboard cut outs - what more could you want? It’s a crazy mix which continues to see shows selling out weeks in advance across the UK and beyond. 

It has already captured and inspired the imaginations of many across the world. The raucous and confetti strewn shows take place in a variety of locations across the UK, as well as internationally in Australia, Dubai, Ibiza, Amsterdam, Paris and more, with more exciting plans to be revealed soon.

Bongo’s Bingo’s co-founder Joshua Burke, explains: “We’ve had a crazy 2018 already including everything from going to Snowbombing and Mighty Hoopla - which were insane adventures, then our third birthday shows in Liverpool with Kelis were simply amazing, and now we are planning more shows across Europe. And we can’t wait to get going in Margate too – it’s a beautiful place and everyone there is going to love the show. At Bongo’s Bingo we are chomping at the bit to get stuck in - we can’t get wait to debut in Margate!” 

KELIS has been, nuff said. Bongo’s Bingo takes place on Friday 13th July at Margate Winter Gardens. More info and tickets on sale at: bongosbingo.co.uk

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