*Is back*

Oh look, it's the inevitable "sorry I've been quiet on the blog front lately" post that I so wanted to avoid but hey, I've lasted three years on this blog without writing it, that's not bad going!

Anyway, I'M BACK.

The main reason I haven't been blogging is that I actually needed a bit of a break from writing. My job sees me writing all day and although I love that fact, when I get home I often want to switch to at least a TV screen rather than another laptop screen (nothing's going to come between me and my trashy reality telly!)

So, as always there's loads going on in Margate. Yes, even more independent coffee shops are here, even more places are selling smashed (yes, apparently it must be smashed) avocado on sourdough, and lo and behold, there are even more shared 'workspaces' to rent! Hurrah! 

Ignoring most of that, I was sat in The Two Halves the other day enjoying a rather fabulous cider (Ruby Tuesday, FYI) when the most glorious sunset started to take place. It got me thinking about how Margate really is so different when the weather's good. That's when I want all of my friends to visit me. Honestly, don't bother in the winter. I mean, do...if you want...but, you know. 

It has been a long winter but as the kids say, it feels like we're all ready to 'live our best lives' again. Summer's coming, I'm back in the game, but most importantly, Margate's back in the game. 

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