Five things I'm loving about Margate right now

My blog wasn't designed to be a TripAdvisor-style set of review posts, in fact it was more of a "I'm going to be a blogger!" revelation while tipsy one New Year's Eve, but it turned out that I had a lot to say about Margate. 

I absolutely love talking about where I'm from and sharing all of the good things about the town. I've always been an honest writer and my posts are a true reflection of my experiences in Margate; if I don't like it, I won't write about it.

Given the fact that so much is still changing around the town, I thought I'd pick out five things that I'm loving about Margate right now.

Those who know me will know that I've been involved with Dreamland this year. The park reopened in May following a large investment and I'm so happy to see it as it is now. If you grow up in Thanet, I think Dreamland is naturally in your heart and it has been magical to see it transform as an attraction. As a local, it's amazing to have such a range of events to attend in Margate, and it's heart-warming to see so many people coming down to the seaside throughout the summer. I'm so excited for the future at what is probably the most Instagrammable place I know.

The Libertines' Hotel
15-year-old Meg would've lost her mind at this and 29-year-old Meg still thinks it's pretty cool. Long rumoured around town, the news was finally confirmed last month that The Libertines had bought a site for their very own hotel in Margate. The band recently played at the Winter Gardens when they headlined By The Sea festival and treated the crowd to a hit-packed gig. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they have planned next for Margate.

I bang on about this place all the time on Twitter, but having finally got around to trying the food at what is undoubtedly the best pub in Margate, I can't help but keep proclaiming my love for it. Don't go expecting the usual pub grub at The London; this is innovative, exciting and damn tasty stuff. The chef, Joe, is a huge talent and his hard work completely transforms the pub dining experience. His passion is so apparent and the little touches within the dishes are really effective, as well as often being quite quirky - caviar served in a Russian doll, anyone? I won't spoil the surprise with the fruit salad, but believe me, at least one person at your table needs to try it. I've heard their roast dinners are the bees knees too, so I'll be looking to confirm this very soon.

So Margate appears to be getting its very own radio station, how exciting! An all-new project coming to the town next month, Radio Margate describes itself as 'an internet radio station, performing arts space and cafe/bar'. One of the station's founders is Obaro Ejimiwe, also known as the twice Mercury Prize nominated artist, Ghostpoet. It's HQ is where Plinth used to be (opposite The Lido) and more info can be found here.

Originally this place was the new beach-based home for The Bus Cafe (a total gem) and this year the site has gone from strength to strength, with a plethora of new businesses opening alongside the bus. The Sun Deck has a unique charm; it has an informal 'DIY' kind of feel - think wooden crates for seats. The food available from the various independent businesses is of a really good quality and it's a great place to hang out when the weather's nice. It would be impossible for me to write about this place without mentioning Po Boy, the creole inspired street food that rapidly became my favourite spot for a seaside summer lunch this year. That samurai prawn salad... If you can't wait for the weather to get warmer, Po Boy has ventured to Ramsgate's lovely pub, The Ravensgate Arms for a winter pop-up.

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