Guest Post: A Guide to Deal with Discover Deal

Hi, we’re Charlotte and Ben from Discover Deal, we love our town so much we decided to make a website dedicated to it. We cover a lot, from writing about events, creating recipes and reviewing restaurants.

One of our favorite things is meeting interesting local people and interviewing them. We even have a shop on the website where we sell items made by the creative community based in Deal. A lot takes place in our little town and we have a lot of fun showing people what we love about it.

We’ve put together this guide for visitors, which features some of Deal’s highlights. There's so much more to discover, so check out our website: discoverdeal.co.uk

Hope and Lane - High Street 

When you arrive in Deal, your first stop should be The Hope and Lane. On a sunny day, grab a seat outside and watch people walk by. The coffee here is the best in town, everyone we know swears by it. The selection of cakes and pastries are also great - especially the Portuguese tarts. The Hope and Lane also has another cafe in nearby Walmer, which is a nice place to go for breakfast. The pancakes and bacon are enormous and great value too.

Smuggler’s Records - King Street 

Deal is lucky to have Smugglers as its local record shop; the people are friendly, they stock great music and often have in-store sessions. There's nothing more satisfying than flicking through a stack of vinyl on a Saturday morning and like all good record shops, you can usually hear something great coming out of the speakers. With a selection of local beers including their own brand on offer, the shop is a great place to hang out too. Pop along at lunchtime to try their toasties, coffee and organic soft drinks, sit back and enjoy the music.

The Hoxton Store - High Street 

You need to visit The Hoxton Store - if only to stop and admire the window displays. There is a range of beautiful items for the home, from candles and ornaments, to jewellery and scents, there's even elegant looking feather dusters you can pick up. Everything is considered and thought out with a feeling of luxury. Don't forget to check out the back room, which has its own lighting display and assortment of filament lightbulbs. This shop is styled to perfection, so you’ll probably want to make sure you get a few pics for Instagram. The Hoxton Store is a great example of one of the many boutique style shops we have in Deal, you can spend all morning through them all.

Dont Walk/Walk Gallery -Victoria Road 

Opened earlier this year, this is truly a hidden gem of Deal. Tucked away past the bottom of the high street, look out for the road crossing sign the gallery takes its name from in the window. Dont Walk/ Walk shows a refreshing mix of artists from around the world displaying their sculpture, photography and paintings. Owner and artist Neil Horenz Kelly was keen to avoid the cliches often seen in seaside galleries and offers an alternative selection of work, there's underlying theme of Americana and a hint of satire all crammed into the small space. There's lots of affordable pieces you can pick up, and even works from Jim Moir (best known as comedian Vic Reeves) who is a local to Deal.

 The Taphouse - South Street 

Just off the seafront is The Taphouse - a great place for drinks and more recently for food. With a wide selection of beers and ciders, you can get local beer, and craft names are on tap. They also offer a large range of speciality gins and tonic. We come here for the gin cocktails mixed with a garnish of summer fruits, which are a great starting place on a Friday night. Whenever new pizza comes onto the scene, we're always eager to try it. The Taphouse recently started doing pizzas from £8. Stone-baked with a thin and crispy base, and a classic selection of toppings on offer (with a few curveballs like hotdog and mustard), they’re dangerously easy to order in after a few rounds of drinks.

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