Something I've learnt in the 2010s is that we bloody love a so-called 'lifestyle' store. Never did I expect to see these trendy shops opening in Margate in its gloomy pre-Turner Contemporary years, but they're popping up with pace. The latest and one of the loveliest, is Môr on Fort Hill, opposite the aforementioned gallery.

You might be wondering about the unusual name; Môr translates as sea in Welsh and owner Clare originally comes from Swansea. Supplying homewares, furniture, vintage pieces and gifts, there's a great variety of items and something for everyone's budget.

A must-see for shopping day-trippers, Môr is the ideal place to find something to enhance any situation; whether it's getting hold of some snazzy cushions for lounging around on, or choosing a perfect new notebook to take to the office (it's total #stationeryporn).

Clare, a former manager of a lifestyle store in London, says that when choosing items to stock, she prefers designers to be British and preferably local to the area - with plenty of the products coming from Margate residents. Môr is somewhere I like to visit because the shop has a seamlessly curated mix of vintage and new; it's great to see how the two can work so well together and from a personal point of view, I like homeware to combine both elements.

Check out the Môr website, where you can browse the online shop. 

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