The Bus Café

The Bus Café is hands down one of my favourite spots for lunch in Margate.

Generally pretty bus-phobic (ok I'm not actually afraid of buses but the Thanet Loop leaves a lot to be desired), you might not imagine that sitting on an old double-decker would make an ideal place to go for food, but Margate likes to surprise! Parked in the hip novelty-retro-item heaven that is Fort Road Yard, its unique location adds to the unusual dining experience. 

The menu is small and simple; you choose between pulled chicken, halloumi or courgettes, which come in either a box or a wrap, with a whole five salad toppings (including some amazing broccoli slaw). It's straight-forward, no fuss and super tasty! 

In the summer you can sit outside in the yard admiring this red beauty as you eat your meal, but in the colder months, the top-deck inside is a great laid-back place to relax and enjoy your food - which is cooked downstairs.

My top pick is the delicious pulled BBQ chicken 'Rosie Style'; it is sweet and fruity, and compliments the savoury taste of the salad really well. 

All of the food is fresh and healthy, so you'll come out feeling good. The view from the top over Fort Yard is a great place to watch the world go by, plus there's rather excellent bunting! 

Keep up to date with The Bus Café on Twitter. I've heard that breakfast is coming...

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