Fox & Spindle

Full of quirky paraphernalia, Fox and Spindle is a must if you're shopping in Margate. 

Standing firmly in a sea of vintage and retro shops, the shop boasts a fabulous range of new and unique artwork, jewellery, gifts and accessories. Owner Eve said that having come from a creative background, she has always been a maker, and has also been far more inspired by people who design and make alongside independent shops than your everyday high street shop. "Individuality is key and I wanted to create a space that pulled innovative items that weren't available in all other shops. The shop has been a constant development and so has the look. I try to change the way it looks regularly to keep it fresh and to accommodate new stock", she said. Due to the shop being a work in progress, she has been able to shape it along with her customers and to learn what the likes and dislikes are all of the time. "I have a wide range of customers but generally they are people who are looking for something that's different", Eve said.

The shop started off on a small scale before it moved from Deal to Margate and has now been in the town for over a year. Having only lived in Kent for 3 years since moving from Bristol, Eve didn't know Margate very well, but when she discovered it, she felt there was an exciting buzz about the place - along with an interesting community. Rightly so! "It's an exciting place to set up and develop a business as the Old Town seems like a work in progress too, with a great mixture of well established shops, cafés, bars and new ventures", she said. 

While Eve enjoys curating the shop space, she said that the artists/designers make it very easy for her. "To start with it was hard work contacting people, but luckily a few put their trust in me and said that I could sell their work. Nicola Rowlands has been someone who I have stocked throughout. Her illustrated cards never fail to make people laugh; she seems to go from strength to strength", she said. Some of the shop's best sellers include clothing by Merrimaking (whose jumpers I particularly love),  Catkin Boutique and her animal earrings and Kester Hackney and his sea shanty inspired screen prints. Even if you're not looking to buy something in particular, I would definitely recommend that you take a look in Fox and Spindle as you never know what you're going to find! The shop also stocks my Margate photo box sets, so you know...pop in. 

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