It was only a matter of time before a triangular-shaped tent which is actually a pop up restaurant would appear in Dreamland's carpark, right? You can't say it's not original. Xiringuito (pronounced chi-rin-gito) had been on my Margate to-do list for a while.

Anyway, late to the game and already well aware of how good it was going to be (because Twitter tells me all I need to know about anything ever), I finally made it along to check out their set lunch menu. Three courses with a beer or wine for £15 - that's my kind of deal.

The menu is made up of internationally influenced British dishes. For the set lunch, each course has three choices and for a starter, I chose the chicken liver parfait bun. The sweet-tasting bun housed the smooth parfait beautifully and the dish combined creamy elements with sour ones - so there was a real mix of contrasting flavour experiences.

I chose the crispy pork belly, romesco and spring onion for my main course and can genuinely say this was one of the nicest things I have ever eaten. The picture doesn't do it justice at all and it's hard to imagine the kind of flavours that came from the dish, but it was just stunning. The romesco was something I hadn't tried before and it blended really well into the course. The crispiness of the pork was complimented by the freshness of the vegetables...I am literally salivating.

When you've had such flavour sensations, sometimes it's nice to take it easy with the third course. I chose cherries and vanilla ice cream, which made for a light and refreshing way to end. Again, it was that real contrast between the flavours that made the experience so enjoyable; the natural sweetness of the cherries combined with the slight saltiness of the ice cream worked so well.

Unfortunately, Xiringuito is moveable and will only be in Margate until the end of September. If you fancy an alternative dining experience, I really recommend it. The food really was of amazing quality and I'm definitely going to be returning for dinner soon. Also, I've heard the words 'ice cream tacos' mentioned far too many times... Hopefully I'll squeeze in a few more of their lunches too!

Xiringuito, if you're reading this...please don't go. 

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  1. Most of our family has visited at least once and everyone has said how fab it is, glad you enjoyed it. X Don