Margate Meets: Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor lives in Margate and is part of indie/folk duo, Slow Club. The band formed in Sheffield in 2006 and are about to release a new album. 

I first became aware of Slow Club a couple of years ago, having heard various friends mention them. Not too long after this, the band were doing gigs in Thanet and are also now filming music videos here. Check out the video for Ancient Rolling Sea - one of my favourite songs of theirs, featuring some very familiar scenery! As well as being in a great band, Rebecca is an artist and has a side project called Self Esteem. I caught up with her to find out more about the creative practices she undertakes and how she is finding life by the sea...

As we know, a lot of people are moving to Margate - especially creative types. What made you decide to move here? 

My Moshi Moshi brothers were moving down here, so I followed them because I naturally do that anyway. But it was at the start of me wanting to try new things and explore my ideas, and Margate instantly felt like the place to do that. I can’t get enough of the coastline; even on the darkest days being close to that feeling of cleansing is already so important to me. Oh and it was cheaper than trying to feel cleansed in London. Real talk. 

What inspires your artwork? 

It has mostly come from being unable to fully explore my ideas in Slow Club - which naturally you can’t when it is a partnership, but also when something is long established. My art came out of my impatience and frustration and as long as I’ll feel like that (forever probably), I will create. It has helped me immensely mentally; I now know how to help myself when I feel down or boxed in - I just go and start a new project or quickly make something and put it out into the world. It is really freeing. Though I am now an annoying friend because I don’t want to just sit and hang out; I am constantly trying to make something out of everything I do.

Do your creative practices link? Does being in the band affect the way you create your artwork? 

There is a link between my solo work and my art. Actually, it also made its way into Slow Club’s new album (the title is a piece I made), but mostly it is just this whole overspill carpark of ideas that will eventually make the whole piece that is Self Esteem. I have about 20 ideas an hour - most of them completely impossible to realise without some kind of budget and team! But I’m going to have a go at chipping away at some of them at least. 

How did your exhibition at Plinth go? 

It was incredible because not only were people taking me seriously - just me and my work - but people were actively wanting to help me realise things. It was one of the most wonderful experiences I have ever had! Oh, and then to find out that people enjoyed the work was just the icing on top...wait no, not icing, more like a whole second cake. 

You must be a busy lady because you also make t-shirts. How did these come about? Do you have plans to make other clothing?

I had a lot of ideas for t-shirts in Slow Club but they have to be right and they have to make sense and this was just a way to slowly introduce people to Self Esteem - for them to feel a part of it before much of ‘it’ actually exists. I also love independent fashion stuff and have watched peers and pals make amazing pieces and lines, so I wanted to have a go! I have also dreamed of the woven labels I made for a long time so it was a good excuse to create them. 

Slow Club have played at the Tom Thumb Theatre a few times, are there any other venues in Margate/Thanet you'd like to have a gig at? 

I love the Tom Thumb so much. I could just play there once a week until I die. Really old me on a chair doing show songs. Not even joking. Slow Club are going to play Ramsgate Music Hall I think, and I’m really jazzed about that. 

What are your favourite things about Margate?

The coastline, the sunsets, the people, Morrisons reduced stuff. 

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