Kerry, Ireland

Last year my parents decided to move from Thanet to Kerry in the South West of Ireland. This now means that I get to have very nice trips away to the countryside and this month I paid them a visit. 

We have a lot of family throughout Kerry and Cork and I've spent all my life going to these places, but it has only been since my parents relocated there that I've really started to appreciate the surroundings.

My Dad is a photographer too and the landscapes are absolutely incredible in Ireland. When driving along, we literally stopped every 10 minutes to take photographs - usually of the beautiful scenery. I don't particularly like landscape photography but it's pretty irresistible when you're on the Ring of Kerry.

We weren't the only ones to keep stopping the car anyway; there are so many lay-bys and stopping points along the routes for visitors. Although the roads are quiet, you could easily get caught behind a coach of tourists, or of course, a tractor. Sometimes it might even be a horse and cart...

The three images above were taken at the Gap of Dunloe. This was probably my favourite place of the trip. It was amazing to be so high up and looking out at such a vast expanse; I felt immersed in the landscape here as it was really peaceful - the only interruption being that lovely sound of horses trotting up and down the hills. The parting of the hills and mountains in the image above actually reminded me a little bit of that view in Yosemite National Park - which I photographed back in 2014 (see below).

Another really lovely place that I visited was Kells Bay. The gardens here contain a large collection of sub-tropical plants. It's pretty odd when you suddenly go from seeing the lush green grass of the countryside to an area with beautiful exotic flowers and trees. I'm a bit of a dreamer so for a good couple of hours I was somewhere tropical...

It wasn't all nature that I photographed. Here's some other things that caught my eye throughout the week:

One afternoon we went to a very touristy town called Kenmare. Afternoon tea is one of my most favourite things (probably in the world) and we went for a particularly delightful one at Sheen Falls Lodge.

Derrynane beach is my top pick out of the beaches I have visited in Ireland so far.

Back in January I went to this beach for the first time. It's truly beautiful, and even though there's always people around, the place feels so untouched. Not only is it an attractive place, it's also quite surreal as there's a graveyard beside it. Here's a couple of pictures that I took previously in the winter:

The image below was taken in Killarney National Park, which I was determined to visit after the weather having been too bad last time. Luckily we got a wonderfully sunny day and it was beyond dreamy to explore...

Killarney is probably the most tourist-filled place in Kerry so it felt pretty special to be able to escape the busyness of the centre of town for the National Park, which is right next to it.

As you can tell, my time in Ireland was pretty much spent photographing - I'm terrible to go on holiday with. To finish off here's a few more landcapes, cos you know, I love doing that now...

All images from this visit were taken on my mobile phone. 

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  1. Wow. We are going to the same places this September I'm really looking forward to it since reading this