I know what you're thinking; finally Margate has a record shop where you can drink coffee and get your hair cut while doing yoga! Cliffs is a very cool new hangout on Northdown Road in Cliftonville. 

The last time I stepped foot in this building was about 8/9 years ago when it was a vintage clothing shop. Despite knowing I wouldn't be buying any sequinned garments there now, I was still really excited to see the premises brought back to life.

Together with the lovely mid-century modern furniture, the enormous skylight above keeps the place looking bright and feeling fresh. 

The record selection is good, with a lot of variety. There's even cute listening posts throughout...

Cliffs is pretty unique. Over two floors, it's a large community space and there are plenty of areas to relax in. It's an ideal working environment for those who want to escape the office or need a calm spot to plan projects in. 

Whether you're meeting friends, looking for a classic album on vinyl or simply on the hunt for one of their donuts (I went for the maple bacon - it was amazing), Cliffs can keep you entertained! I can't wait to find myself a quiet corner and get down to some serious writing in there. The hairdressers will open in the next few weeks. 

Visit Cliffs at 172 Northdown Road, Margate. 

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  1. Now that sounds good, its great to see shops moving into Cliftonville. I love #Margate but that love also extends to #Cliftonville.
    Thanet is the place to be, all of the new ventures all over the Island make it THE place to visit and by all accounts relocate to. I am an incomer of thirty odd years and I have no regrets Thanet is a wonderful location.