A few weeks ago I asked Twitter how I should spend my Saturday. After some great suggestions, I decided to go to Faversham.

I have been to the town quite a few times before - mainly during the excellent Hop Festival, which is held annually. Just half an hour away by train, Faversham is a cute little place that really does take you back in time. There's some amazing architecture to be seen and of course, plenty of lovely pastel colours to swoon over. 

Faversham has many independent shops and some of them are pretty quirky. Picture admiring tall stacks of teacups while a miniature railway circles above your head. A market was taking place during my visit to the town. These are regular, with one taking place every Saturday as well as others in between. 

Mostly selling food, vintage and antiques, there was plenty to see at the market and going against my initial plans, I decided that lunch was definitely going to have to come from one of the tempting stalls. I opted for some food from traders 'A Taste of Madagascar'. But don't go thinking the cakes escaped me...

I found a lovely place to stop to eat the Madagascan food - which did not disappoint. It was so fresh and full of flavour. The queues at the stall now made sense.

Next, I went on a tour of the famous Shepherd Neame brewery. Partly in the name of research for my job (we'll go with that) but also because...who wouldn't want to go and spend an afternoon like that? 

 The brewery is the oldest in the country and I was surprised by the huge number of drinks that are actually made there. Even though there were some major renovation works going on and we couldn't access the brewhouse, we managed to see most things and the tour guide was very knowledgable. Of course, taste testing the beers was great fun and I really did learn a lot about how to get the best experience from drinking beer. If you fancy booking a tour, click here. I'd definitely recommend visiting!

Retro signage is on top form in the town! As are the cats...

Faversham, you're a delight. I'll be back soon.

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  1. I originate from Faversham and lived there until nearly thirty. I love the place but Margate is my home now. We are so blessed in this North Kent coast I love Kent