This Way To The Circus

It seems like cacti and succulents are everywhere right now and if, like me, you've been looking for some cute pots to put your plants into, I've found the perfect Margate-based brand! This Way To The Circus presents gorgeous contemporary products using striking patterns and colour-conscious designs. 

The items are designed and created by Boe Holder, a recent graduate in Fashion History and Theory at Central St Martins. Describing herself as being "happiest when making things" and "unable to face the prospect of getting a 'real' job" when finishing university, Boe felt that if there was any way to make a living from doing what she enjoyed, she was going to try and make it work. Initially producing things that she wanted to have but couldn't find, Boe says she has since become "somewhat more product and trend led by necessity."

This Way To The Circus caught my eye because of how simple but attractive the brand's designs are. And it's not just pots; Boe makes pins, necklaces, jewellery stands, notebooks and more! When I spoke to her about what inspires her designs, she mentioned that she places emphasis on shape and colour when creating products but tries not to reference anything specifically; "I think everything we take in swirls around inside our minds and then filters what we see and do," she says. 

All of the plant pots are hand painted, treated and sealed in order to protect the paintwork and make them waterproof. Boe makes the miniature plants and other clay creations from scratch by shaping and then hand painting; she also keeps a notebook permanently on her so that she can always get her ideas down. 

With small ranges of products available in Etcetera and The Fox and Spindle, Boe has settled into life in Margate. Like many who have recently moved to the town from London, she felt disillusioned by the city and wanted a change. "It's such a relief to wake up every day to the sea, the sky and most of all the space!" she said.

Margate is, and continues to be a phenomenal hub for creative types. Boe is an example of the interesting individuals that are repeatedly being drawn to the town with their exciting ventures and ideas. Long may it continue!

Check out the This Way To The Circus site and follow their fantastic Instagram!

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