Margate Winter Warmers

It feels like time has barely passed since the summer but Margate has waved goodbye to sandals and deckchairs, and now us locals find ourselves facing those ‘bracing’ winds in woolly hats, as we defiantly trudge across the beach.



Something I've learnt in the 2010s is that we bloody love a so-called 'lifestyle' store. Never did I expect to see these trendy shops opening in Margate in its gloomy pre-Turner Contemporary years, but they're popping up with pace. The latest and one of the loveliest, is Môr on Fort Hill, opposite the aforementioned gallery.


Margate Meets: Shirley Webb

Hailing from Thanet, Shirley Webb is a designer for sportswear brand, Fila. 


The Bus Café

The Bus Café is hands down one of my favourite spots for lunch in Margate.


Fox & Spindle

Full of quirky paraphernalia, Fox and Spindle is a must if you're shopping in Margate. 


Margate's pubs with a Beer Sommelier

Imagine tasting beer for a living… Jo Miller, one of the UK’s first female Beer Sommeliers, does just that.


Wythe Bea

Wythe Bea is a new womenswear label that I first discovered on Instagram. Being unable to resist dreamy seaside settings and pastel colours, I just hoped they were ready for my barrage of ‘likes’.



It was only a matter of time before a triangular-shaped tent which is actually a pop up restaurant would appear in Dreamland's carpark, right? You can't say it's not original. Xiringuito (pronounced chi-rin-gito) had been on my Margate to-do list for a while.


Kerry, Ireland

Last year my parents decided to move from Thanet to Kerry in the South West of Ireland. This now means that I get to have very nice trips away to the countryside and this month I paid them a visit. 


Margate Meets: Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor lives in Margate and is part of indie/folk duo, Slow Club. The band formed in Sheffield in 2006 and are about to release a new album. 



I know what you're thinking; finally Margate has a record shop where you can drink coffee and get your hair cut while doing yoga! Cliffs is a very cool new hangout on Northdown Road in Cliftonville. 


Margate Beach

Here's some photographs that I have taken around Margate beach over the last couple of months. As a seaside town, the place really comes alive when the weather is good and I love doing some serious people watching.



A few weeks ago I asked Twitter how I should spend my Saturday. After some great suggestions, I decided to go to Faversham.


Seaside Cake Parlour

Now, it doesn’t take long for news of a new food establishment in town to reach me and it was a joy to discover that the latest opening was cake-related! 


Meat American BBQ at The Glass Jar

I just love discovering a hidden gem and Meat is exactly that. A pop-up restaurant within The Glass Jar (which happens to be one of my favourite bars in Margate) was only ever going to be a brilliant thing.


Margate Meets: Boycie aka John Challis

Most of us will know actor John Challis for his role as Aubrey 'Boycie' Boyce in Only Fools and Horses. He's also a huge fan of Margate, so I was absolutely thrilled when he agreed to answer some questions for my Margate Meets series...


This Way To The Circus

It seems like cacti and succulents are everywhere right now and if, like me, you've been looking for some cute pots to put your plants into, I've found the perfect Margate-based brand! This Way To The Circus presents gorgeous contemporary products using striking patterns and colour-conscious designs. 



Somewhere I've always loved visiting is another seaside gem, Brighton. I left it far too long between trips so I recently made a brief but very busy return to the city.


Margate Meets: Tracey Ermine

Tracey Ermine is one Margate's hottest drag queens and part of the town's impressive and expanding drag scene. Fresh from her recent marriage to a stick of rock, inspired by her namesake, I caught up with Tracey to find out what she thinks of Margate and where we can see her performing.


States of Mind at The Wellcome Collection

The Wellcome Collection is one of my most favourite places to visit in London. Describing itself as 'the free destination for the incurably curious', its captivating exhibits explore the connections between medicine, life and art.



Folkestone, although not that far away, is a place that I rarely go to. After hearing about its developing Creative Quarter, I decided to spend an afternoon in the town to get to know it a little better.


Solarium Point

Solarium Point is a gorgeous salon that has recently opened in Ramsgate. After some major re-branding and a move to new premises, this has got to be my number one destination for hair and beauty treatments in the area.


Margate Meets: Ratliff/Landells

We're continually being told that people are flocking to Margate in order to buy cheaper property and to renovate homes. I caught up with Ratliff/Landells, a Margate and London based architecture studio, to find out more about the projects that they undertake in spaces and homes throughout Thanet.


Winter By The Sea

Winter is here. I say that, but I'm typing this on a beautifully sunny afternoon without a cloud in the sky. However, yes, being by the sea during these months can have its challenges.


Fez and The London Tavern

It seems like there's something new opening every week in our town right now. Galleries, shops, restaurants and bars are popping up all over the place and it's really exciting to see. Whether you're looking for somewhere to feel warm and contented during the winter months or for a sunny balcony to sip your cocktails on in the summer, there are lots of great places to go for drinks in Margate.