Margate Meets: Arianna Larelli

Arianna Larelli is a 24-year-old fashion designer from Thanet. She currently works for Topman as a Freelance Design Assistant and is part of their leisurewear team. Now living in Stratford, Arianna also works on her own designs in her spare time and still loves coming back to visit her mum in Margate.


How would you describe your creative style?
I would describe it as playful and real at the same time. 

Who or what inspires your designs? Does Margate influence your work and if so, how?
I would say my surroundings and people I see in the street inspire me. The way people put clothes together can be really inspiring. I love seeing the kids in my area wearing their Air Max's with traditional robes (thawbs). My final collection for my degree was somewhat inspired by Margate. In the initial research stages I used my own photographs that I'd taken around town. I've always loved the tackiness of the arcades and the seafront. I was so sad when they took the Flamingo lights down. And I do (contrary to some locals) love Arlington house! It's concrete architecture is so juxtaposed against the rest of the seafront, it's a real landmark for me. 


What do you enjoy most about designing?
I enjoy the freedom of being fully creative. At work sometimes there are constraints; you have to think about your customer and what they want as it is a commercial brand. It's really good to have projects on the side that you can get that creativity out with. I really enjoy designing outerwear and I'm also interested in graphics. I used a lot of them throughout my final collection at University and I created my own logo for my brand. Graphic design is definitely something that I'm trying to learn more about.

Working for Topman must require you to channel your own ideas to fit the brand - 
how do you do this?
We work as a team, so we will look at what's currently working instore/online, what's selling in terms of figures and try to update that to make things current and fresh. I like to research with any spare time I have at work to keep up to date with what's popular, looking for the next key styles and shapes. It's about knowing what the customer wants and what works, then showing or suggesting the next version of that.


What are your biggest successes so far?
I would say my final collection. It's the biggest body of work I've ever produced and felt truly proud of. My mate helped me make a video for it which I look back on now and am still really proud of. He did an amazing job at capturing the feel of the collection.

What are your favourite things about Margate?
As I mentioned, I love Arlington House for its sheer mass and unapologetic welcome to Margate. I miss the rough and ready-ness of Margate now that the Old Town has become a bit trendy, but I guess it's for the best. I used to go to Scott's and unearth some treasures. The beaches and coast are actually really lovely; on a sunny day, it does feel like you could be abroad. Also, shout out to Pete's Fish Factory, always a must when I visit home. I am massively behind Margate, it's a diamond in the rough.

See more designs by Arianna on her website.


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