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Recently, I was invited to The Ambrette restaurant in Margate to sample their new 'Exotic Roast' menu. I had heard so many good things about this restaurant before my visit so I was excited to go along for the very first time!

The Ambrette opened in Margate in 2010 and is largely known for dishes inspired by Indian cuisine, created by chef Dev Biswal. Don't expect to find your usual Indian favourites; this place offers unique flavour combinations and works with dishes from all over the world, which leads me nicely on to their exotic roast... Consisting of up to three courses, the menu presents new twists on the traditional and much-loved Sunday roast; something that The Ambrette hopes will encourage families to take their places around the dining table once more. 

The starters included soup of the day, salmon and venison. I opted for the salmon which was accompanied by cucumber and spinach, as well as a range of herbs and spices that provided a new take on salmon as a serving. Every mouthful seemed to taste of different things, which was impressive for a dish that on appearance was minimal. 

Dev Biswal said: "We're all spending increasing amounts of our lives in front of a screen nowadays so it's more important than ever that people take the time to engage with friends and family over food." He said that dining should be a "fun and social" experience, and suggests that the less traditional flavours served as part of the exotic roast menu "will be great conversation starters". 

For the main course I chose the pork belly. I wasn't sure if I'd made the right decision as pork belly can be quite fatty, however, this was not the case with the meat that arrived. I can honestly say that I think it was the nicest pork I've ever eaten, complete with an amazing crackling coating. Other choices for the main included zebra, beef, chicken and lamb, so there's a lot of choice (unless you're a vegetarian!)

The meat and the vegetables are served on wooden sharing blocks so each person can add as much or as little to their plates as they like. The vegetables included pan roasted cauliflower, sweet potato and wild nettle hash and had been given the 'Ambrette treatment', being infused with tasty aromatic spices. I particularly enjoyed the Canterbury pudding (yes, it was like a Yorkshire pudding). The gravy, which didn't make it into my picture, was thick and full of flavour; with no complaints from a total gravy worshipper like myself. 

The Di Maria Prosecco was particularly delicious. 

And next on to what is always my favourite course: dessert. I probably shouldn't admit that given that the whole point of going to restaurants is to try their speciality main courses, but...chocolate. And I definitely shouldn't be writing about this just before dinner time, because I can guarantee that whatever I throw together will not exactly be like this meal. Anyway, naturally I went for the chocolate-based dish which was a chocolate tart accompanied by pieces of cashew nut brittle and a warm vanilla and brandy cream. I was expecting a slither of rich tart; instead I was greeted by a stack of thick mousse-like layers with a crispy bottom, like a better version of a cheesecake. The sweet accompaniments added variety in terms of taste, texture and form. Although it looked small, it was surprisingly filling and tasted so good. I absolutely loved it. 

My first experience of The Ambrette left me feeling extremely contented. There are lots of options for each course on the menu and I think most people would be able to find something to suit their taste. It was refreshing to eat something so familiar that had unique and unpredictable twists. It's also affordable; three courses are £19.95. I wouldn't normally consider this to be in my price range for a roast dinner but the environment was pleasant, the quality of the food was genuinely excellent and most importantly, the tastes in these innovative dishes were simply incomparable. It's the perfect cosy place to feel comfortable and satisfied on a Sunday afternoon. 

The Exotic Roast will be served at all three of The Ambrette's restaurants (Margate, Canterbury 
and Rye) on Sundays throughout autumn and winter. See the website fore more info here.

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  1. I've never actually been to the Ambrette, although so many people always recommend it. Looks real nice and this sunday roast idea is really cool! Great post Meg.