Seaside Subcultures: The Tribes of Los Angeles

A month-long festival and celebration of seaside subcultures is currently taking place in Margate. I wanted to contribute something as a blogger to Tribes so, inspired by the theme, I thought I'd share some photographs that I took last year while visiting Los Angeles.

I could gush forever about how much I loved it there but that will just make me more desperate to go back so I'll leave it. LA is certainly a diverse city and it has a lot of distinct and vibrant communities. See the sheer commitment of body builders at Muscle Beach, parading in an outdoor gym like works of art to the delight of camera wielding tourists (oh, hi) or perhaps attempt to blend in with the high-flyers and fashionistas of West Hollywood (I tried). There's a lot of focus on appearances, natural or not, and I think this helps to define 'tribes' in general.

Something I was surprised by in LA was just how many homeless people there are and how they are in every part of the city. Whether it's under palm trees in Venice Beach or amongst the tourists on Hollywood Boulevard, the homeless often set up in groups and live collectively. They're very present in a city famed for it's glitz and glamour.

It has always been a real dream of mine to visit Los Angeles and, like so many photographers, to capture the American landscape. However, the people I encountered made the experience all the more fascinating and unlike any other I have had. So here is my contribution to Tribes; a short series documenting some of the subcultures in this amazing city by the sea, thousands of miles away.

Muscle Beach

Santa Monica

Reaching the end of Route 66

Venice Beach

West Hollywood - Chanel shoes 

Griffith Observatory

MJ's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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