FotoFest Margate

As part of the Margate Festival 'Tribes', organisers are staging FotoFest Margate; a series of photographic-related exhibitions, talks, workshops and events taking place across town. Working in collaboration, Vortigern, Lombard Street Gallery and the brand new Margate House are celebrating the 'Photographers' Tribe'.

Image courtesy of Jamie Beeden
At Vortigern you can see Jamie Beeden's 'Saint Diego' project. Studying the legacy of Argentinian footballer Diego Maradona, the pictures that Jamie's exhibiting were taken in Naples and explore the highly tribal nature of football and the Neapolitans themselves.

The Greedy Cow are exhibiting my pal Jason Pay's gorgeous photographs of Uganda. Travelling between five national parks, Jason's photos show his encounters with local people and animals, as well as his experiences of the landscapes of the country.

Jon Spencer is exhibiting at Lombard Street Gallery. His series of images present the story of faith and architecture in Margate. Jon has explored how buildings which we perceive as being constant are actually experiencing a great deal of change. Catch him at the gallery talking about the work during the festival.

Margate House is hosting a variety of events and actually has its soft launch on the Saturday of the festival. There's talks from Rob Ball, who made incredible work on Dreamland (I interviewed him and blogged about the project here) and Dr Karen Shepherdson, director of SEAS photography, who will be discussing the role of the seaside photographer. 

Image courtesy of Rob Ball
Installation art group Genetic Moo will be creating interactive dance videos that will be shown in the window of Margate House and later projected onto the building.
Photographer and film maker Lana Vanzetta is capturing the tribes of Margate High Street by working with the public and showcasing her findings through images and stories.

We're so lucky that all of these amazing events are free and they sound like they're going to be really interesting. The festival is definitely demonstrating the fact that there's a lot of variety around the theme of photography, so there's something for everyone. As a photographer myself, I'm thrilled to see the medium being represented so vibrantly throughout Margate!

The festival runs from Friday 4th - Sunday 6th September.
Here's the full schedule: 

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