FotoFest Margate

As part of the Margate Festival 'Tribes', organisers are staging FotoFest Margate; a series of photographic-related exhibitions, talks, workshops and events taking place across town. Working in collaboration, Vortigern, Lombard Street Gallery and the brand new Margate House are celebrating the 'Photographers' Tribe'.


Art Car Boot Fair

Next Sunday (30th August) brings a first for Margate - the Art Car Boot Fair is coming to town! Now this is exciting because 1. I love art and 2. I ruddy love a good boot fair.


Seaside Subcultures: The Tribes of Los Angeles

A month-long festival and celebration of seaside subcultures is currently taking place in Margate. I wanted to contribute something as a blogger to Tribes so, inspired by the theme, I thought I'd share some photographs that I took last year while visiting Los Angeles.


Etcetera - Plants, Flowers & Interiors

Etcetera is beautiful. A shop for plants, flowers and interiors; it opened on Love Lane this week.


Margate Carnival & Soul Weekend

One of my favourite times of the year in Margate is Soul Weekend. I'm a huge fan of soul music and it's great to be able to go and enjoy it in a variety of settings, whether it's in one of the many bars, at an outdoor stage (free to the public) or even just by being on the Margate steps and soaking up the amazing atmosphere. There's something really satisfying about sitting in the sun and hearing Marvin Gaye being played across the sea.