The Dalby and The Diner

The Dalby and The Diner; one is a long standing establishment, popular with locals offering traditional English food. The other is brand spanking new, trendy and offers the best in the classic all-American menu. I've been a regular at one of them for several years and the other, I tried for the first time last Saturday night, but both got visits during a somewhat indulgent weekend.

The Dalby Cafe has apparently been going since just after World War Two. My Dad has always championed it as being the best place for a fry-up in Thanet and I tend to agree. Yes it's a greasy-spoon but it surpasses the standard you'd generally expect from one of those. Using local produce and brand-named condiments, The Dalby offers quality and quantity, at extremely good prices. 

So, below is my breakfast choice...
It's just under £5 for 2 sausages, 2 eggs, 2 rashers of bacon, a choice of beans or tomatoes (I have both - ask for half and half!) and I chose bread over toast...which is fresh from a local bakery. Also included is a tea, coffee or orange juice. I can't always resist adding in some hash browns for £1.

The staff are friendly, there's always cheerful tunes playing on the radio, the formica tables are cool and it's an informal place to relax if you're particularly hungry or indeed, hungover and in need of a bacon fix. 

And over to The Diner. 

For a long time, I've thought that Margate has been calling out for a diner. The town's reputation for being a haven for vintage and retro lovers makes it the perfect place to launch a restaurant dedicated to the iconic past. Although completely American, the music, fashions and and styles associated with diners have all made it over here.

The Diner is situated above the hip Underground bar and transforms its visitors to another time, offering an alternative dining experience. Burgers, hot dogs, sodas and milkshakes are all available. The decor is red, black and white, booths and bar stools line the room, the female staff wear cute pink dresses; everything very much looks the part. 

My meal was delicious; the burgers were of good quality and I felt that everything proved value for money. Expect no plates, this place is also informal and laid back but again, the staff are attentive and friendly. It's certainly a venue that caters for everyone; it isn't too cool to not welcome kids but at the same time you won't be left feeling like you're stuck at a McDonald's when they've got a child's party on. There's no creepy clown to contend with here. 

I'm really looking forward to going back and trying their pancakes for breakfast...you know, when I fancy a change from a full English at The Dalby.


The Dalby Cafe: 4-6 Dalby Road, Margate
The Diner: 3 Duke Street, Margate

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  1. When our youngest was born twenty five years ago I used to go the Dalby and the did me takeaway diners for my missus I took our other two children there to eat. I love the Dalby but cant eat out anymore so wont eat there again or the Diner. Shame but life changes and yes I am bitter and twisted about it.
    xx Don