Darling Dreamland

Our darling Dreamland is here!
After years of waiting, the world's first heritage amusement park is open in Margate. 

I've now been twice. The first time was when I went to the opening night party. It was really fun being able to explore the site and there was the most amazing atmosphere. However, I knew that I needed to visit again in order to really take in everything that's there as I was too dizzy with excitement at the time and it was so busy.

So today I went along again and and got a chance to go on some more rides and have a relaxed afternoon in the sun. Here are my photos of the park. 

Views from my favourite ride, the big wheel.

I totally drove the Cher bumper car. 

A lot of up-cycling has been done by the team and it looks great. While the objects used may be old, everything feels like it has been given a new, modern twist. There's no junk to be seen.

I love the cute bear bins. 

The umbrellas really remind me of coming to Dreamland as a child. It's all about the green and pink.

From the slightly creepy maze.

Big tunes with bigger dance moves...on wheels? The roller room by itself would actually be enough for me. 

I LOVE a gift shop and the Dreamland Emporium is a beautiful belter. 

Tatty Devine have designed a jewellery range inspired by Dreamland. 

As you can see, I rather enjoyed photographing the place. It really is super cool and will only get better as time goes on and even more things open up. The list of spectacles is growing and I can't wait to go and party there soon. Summer 2015, you're a bit alright. 


  1. Anonymous4.7.15

    This place looks amazing!

  2. Yep Amazing and only getting better

  3. this looks so awesome! thanks for sharing ^_^

  4. Anonymous14.7.15

    I "spent" a day there. Through your wonderful photos. Thanks for posting them.