A Day of Firsts

Today I decided to act like a tourist in Margate and spent the day doing things that, somehow, I've never done in the town before. 

I had my first ever Wimpy meal. Although it's still unmistakably British, it was a nice little reminder of the diners I visited in California last year. Plus, the staff were really friendly.

I then went to Strokes Adventure Golf for the first time. Being right on the sea front, it's such a cool location for a bit of 'crazy' golf.

There's lots of holes to attempt/get frustrated by. As you can see, I am clearly brilliant at it..ahem.

Having fun with a retro feel, how very Margate.

Next, I paid the ever trendy Cliff Terrace a visit to have a look at the new lifestyle shop, Plinth.

Plinth is an original and exciting new addition to Margate. The interior and products are beautiful. It's definitely worth a trip if you haven't been yet. I saw lots of things that I'd like to put in my flat. 

And I couldn't go to Cliff Terrace without photographing the Lido once more...

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  1. Margate is fantastic with its variety and the interdependent traders we have here make it so exciting. You can always see stuff that is unique as opposed to the chain stores shops which just sell stuff chosen by a faceless buyer who has to answer to the whims and forces of economics. Did you count the ships? I always do and have the theory you can always count ten in the sea off Margate