Margate Meets: Tracy Kendall

Tracy Kendall is a wallpaper designer who is based in Margate. Her work caught my attention because I hadn't seen anything like it before. The striking and unique wall coverings that she produces are handmade.

Having studied and worked at the Royal College of Art, Tracy moved to Cliftonville. I was really pleased when she agreed to answer some of my questions as I was so keen to know more about her...

Can you tell us about your creative style. How do you channel your own ideas to fit with your customers?

It’s only recently that someone has named my style to me as modernist, I have never really spent any time thinking about the labels that are attached to my designs, as it’s always been more about making a good design and product delivered well to my clients that I have concentrated on.

If a client wants me to do a totally bespoke piece for them,
I of course can do that. This then fits the client completely but my own collection I hope is designed to have space for the client, they can hang a painting on top of my wallpaper, put furniture in front of it, it is wallpaper not art.

You have a very varied range of wallpapers, 

can you describe some of the different methods you have used to produce them?

The production methods for my wallpapers are chosen
to show the designs in the best possible way. I have been screen printing for more than 40 years and it is often with the attitude of a screen printer than I approach my work. I have recently been hand painting wallpapers which is very enjoyable but I also stitch and manipulate or add things to wallpapers.

Who or what do you take inspiration from? 

Like many designers my inspiration comes from a mix of sources, and this mixture will at some point tip over into a new design. I don’t design for seasons or collections; I hope that each design has its own story and strength.

What are your proudest achievements?

I am most proud of being able on a daily basis to be able to earn my living from what I am most passionate about, not many designers can.

What are your favourite things about Margate? Do you have any particular hopes for the town

It’s always about the people for me. Since my partner and I moved down here 2 and a half years ago we’ve meet some truly wonderful people who we now call friends. Having never lived in a small town before I love bumping into people on the street and chatting and I hope that continues. As for the town itself I hope that will be dealt a fair and even hand for its future by people that care for the town and the people within it.

I am so genuinely impressed by what Tracy does. The time she invests, care she takes and quality that she ensures of her wallpapers are all apparent in the designs. She is really interested in her clients and works hard to achieve what they are looking for.

You can see more of Tracy's work on her website:

Follow Tracy on Twitter here

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