Margate Meets: Tracy Kendall

Tracy Kendall is a wallpaper designer who is based in Margate. Her work caught my attention because I hadn't seen anything like it before. The striking and unique wall coverings that she produces are handmade.


Grayson Perry - Provincial Punk

I was so excited when I found out Grayson Perry was coming to Margate's Turner Contemporary. Firstly, another huge name in the art world was coming to the gallery, and secondly because I really admire how Grayson addresses the art world.


The Sunken Garden

I love the Sunken Garden. It's in Westbrook, the area between Margate and Westgate-on-Sea. A peaceful and secluded alternative to the beach, there's lots of pretty plants around and it's a charming place for a picnic.


Margate in May

Loved this sign. I'd quite like a beach house too. Shame they're earth-shatteringly expensive.


Margate Meets: Alex Foster

Continuing my series on talking to creative people from Margate...

Alex Foster is a 23-year-old illustrator who is already doing incredibly well for himself.


This Week: Margate in Pictures

What a week for Margate. Vivienne Westwood came to tea in the Old Town, the first signs of summer started appearing on the beach and the sky was bonkers.