Never Mind The Cupcakes

Warning. This post will make you exceptionally hungry so it might be a good idea to have a slice of cake or alternatively pie to hand, you know, just in case.

I decided to write about Never Mind The Cupcakes because, basically, they've brought me nothing less than tasty joy. A few weeks ago I visited Cliftonville Farmers Market for the first time and purchased a few food items from their stall there. Safe to say, I had a very nice lunch that day. I've since found out a bit more about what they do and how we can all get hold of their products. I interviewed Lynda Howard, co-founder of the business...

So, tell us a little bit about Never Mind The Cupcakes. Who are you and what do you do?

Never Mind the Cupcakes is a small, home-based artisan bakers run by myself and my partner Steve. We produce a range of sweet and savoury baked goods made with fine quality ingredients that are locally sourced whenever possible. As the name suggests, we don't offer cupcakes but everything else instead! We make pork rolls (including pork with fennel, chilli or black pudding) these are made with locally sourced pork mince and vegetables. We offer lots of different cakes including chocolate fudge, carrot and even a chocolate and ale cake available. There's a whole selection of sweet tarts including the very popular salted caramel, caramel praline and Bakewell tart. If you're a fan of savoury, we make Homity pie, hot smoked salmon, sausage and tomato, and potato and ham hock tarts. Our suppliers include Monkshill Farm, Stour Valley Game and Olives R Good 4 U.

What made you start up the company and why did you want to be in Margate? Were you locals at the time or did you move into the area?

Never Mind the Cupcakes started a couple of years ago when one of the bars in Margate wanted a lemon drizzle cake and this became a regular order. We decided we'd try selling directly to the public so we took a stall at the Margate Bazaar (Sunday market in the Old Town)...but we had to have a name. There were quite a few local business selling cupcakes at that time and we wanted to do something different, definitely no cupcakes. We both love our music and the name came about as a result of that, it fitted what we wanted to do. Steve and I are both Londoners. 

We wanted to move out of the city and we saw Margate on one of the property shows on TV. We loved the houses on the programme, so after a bit of internet searching, we arranged to view several properties and stayed at the Walpole Bay Hotel for a few days while we did so. We loved the place and when we went back to London, we put our house on the market and moved here. Neither of us had been here before that first visit but this July we will have been in Margate for ten years! Never Mind The Cupcakes is a way for Steve to earn money so that he could get back into working as a ceramicist. When we lived in London, he had his own studio space. Since then, the business has grown and Steve's started to get back into making things. He is currently working at Bridget McVey's studio and will be exhibiting as part of this year's East Kent Artists' Open Houses 

I've tried your products in some of Margate's local businesses. Where do you regularly supply and how else can people try your creations?

We supply a number of local businesses on a regular basis. In Margate, if you're looking for salted caramel tart, GB Pizza Co is the place to go. We supply The Harbour Arms with pork & chilli rolls every week and pretty much all the cakes on the counter at The Greedy Cow come from us. Most weeks, we supply Forts CafĂ© with our extremely indulgent chocolate brownies. We have supplied products for weddings in Margate and do provide tarts, cakes etc, for businesses throughout the whole of Thanet. We have a regular stall at Cliftonville Farmers Market each month and we also take private orders. We've made salted caramel tarts & even a bread pudding as alternative birthday cakes!

Are you involved with anything else in the town?

We've been involved in the Thanet Fairtrade Food Festival which is held at the Winter Gardens every year. Steve took part in the East Kent Artists Open House exhibition last year for the first time with his paintings and ceramics. I currently run the Twitter pages on a voluntary basis for Cliftonville Farmers Market. I'm also a member of the newly formed Margate WI, which I'm really excited about. At the last meeting we had 61 women present! The meetings are currently held at Morgan's on the second Thursday of every month, 7.30-9.30.

What are your favourite things about Margate?

Where do I start? Both of us love the sense of community, the beaches, the sunsets, the new people moving into the area and the new shops and businesses opening up, spreading into Cliftonville. I'm particularly looking forward to the opening of Dreamland and riding the newly restored scenic railway!

The era of the cutesy cupcake is over! It's refreshing to find a business like Never Mind The Cupcakes. They're passionate about producing good quality, delicious food at reasonable prices and it's fantastic that the business allows for Steve to fund his creative practise in ceramics. As mentioned earlier, you can buy produce from Never Mind The Cupcakes at Cliftonville Famers Market this Sunday (March 29th). You'll find lots of other amazing local produce there, it's well worth a visit! If you can't make the market, you can get in touch with Never Mind The Cupcakes via FacebookTwitter, or by emailing.

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