Margate Yacht Club

One of the main reasons I enjoy writing my blog is that when I find something great, I can share it with others. It's particularly exciting when I find something that many people don't know very much about. This time I'm talking about Margate Yacht Club.
I recently interviewed the club's Membership Secretary, Jason Pay, in order to find out more
 about something that I previously never really took any notice of.

So what's on offer at Margate Yacht Club?
Margate Yacht Club offers a friendly environment to enjoy our beautiful coastline. We mainly sail small dinghies from Margate Harbour, although some members do have bigger boats. We offer a range of activities on and off the water. You'll be taught all the skills while having a lot of fun! We are a Royal Yachting Association recognised club with dedicated instructors who love to share their experience. 

What made you want to join in?

I've always lived in Thanet and spent lots of time on our lovely beaches but the sea surrounds us and it made sense to learn how to enjoy that too. The club has taught me everything I need to know and I can now pop down to the seafront and go sailing whenever the weather lets me. I get a great feeling doing it and the view looking back at Margate is amazing.

Why Margate?
The club is very keen on developing relationships with our community. We are a friendly bunch and run social events. We offer sailing taster days in the summer. I think all the members feel fortunate to go sailing in our waters and want to share that with others. I like Margate's atmosphere and it's great to be able to sit in the clubhouse overlooking the harbour as the sun sets after an exciting sail. Britain's success in sailing at the Olympic Games has meant that as a sport, it is gaining the great recognition it deserves.

Can you tell me a bit more about the clubhouse?
At the club we have an excellent venue with great facilities. We feel it is underused and are keen to encourage local groups to use the club for a small fee to help with the running costs. Building relationships between external organisations and the club is my mission for 2015. We have become associated with local charities and I hope to continue this. The main bar area in the clubhouse is opposite the Turner Contemporary on Fort Hill and overlooks the harbour. It's a great place to enjoy a beer! We also have a fully fitted kitchen, two separate training rooms and changing rooms, so there's a lot here!

How can people get involved? 
If people like the idea of spending some time seeing our great coast and enjoying a different perspective of Margate then all they need to do is get in touch via the website and I will invite them for a tour and a taster. If they enjoy it, they can join the club and use all the necessary equipment we provide until they catch the sailing bug! We've got a great range of club boats that are made available to hire once you're competent. These are only £2 per person. There's also a range of dinghy sailing clothing available to use. It's a really affordable activity and our membership fees reflect this. Current members are always looking for crew so new members might find themselves out racing on the sea as soon as the season starts!

Photographs courtesy of Jason Pay

Jason showed me around the club and it was clear that this is a great opportunity for anyone looking to try something new. Margate's glorious skies would make for a stunning backdrop to any trip on the seas. The view from the clubhouse is very impressive and there is so much potential there for more to be made of the place! I wouldn't describe myself as a particularly active person but I am definitely thinking of giving this a go in the summer months...camera in hand!

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