Danish Collectables

So it turns out that good-looking furniture pleases me greatly. I already knew this but throw in some Danish ingenuity and I'm left wishing I wasn't living in a one bedroom flat and that I could in fact, furnish a whole house with these wondrous objects.

Promoting quality and longevity, the family-run business Danish Collectables describes itself as offering low prices in order to be able to change stock regularly.

I'm a big fan of Mid-Century Modern design in general and have known about Danish Collectables for a while. When I visited on Saturday I saw objects that tugged at the heart strings and reinforced the ideals I'm sure many of us have of being able to clear out the clutter, ditch the cheap and cheerful and only owning meaningful things that we truly cherish. 

I talked with collector Flemming Moberg about how furniture nowadays is not commonly produced to be so long-lasting. Not only are the items in the showrooms aesthetically pleasing but they're made to such high quality that originally, they would have been a wise investment. Sure, plenty of contemporary reproductions are available elsewhere and possibly at (slightly) lower prices, but contending with the standards one can expect of mid-century design is difficult and always prefer the original. Fellow vintage enthusiasts will understand that there's something so exciting about discovering and owning a piece of the past. These objects represent the passing of time, days that no longer exist and what makes the items at Danish Collectables so special is how well preserved they are. They have been sourced perfectly, they have been loved.


You can view the current collection on Danish Collectables' eBay store or you can visit their showrooms in Margate Old Town. They're currently displaying stock in one of Margate's top galleries, the Pie Factory (until March 5th) and more permanently in the Crown Gallery (both on Broad Street).

Who knew it would be so easy to fall in love with a sofa or three? DFS ain't a patch on this.


  1. Ralph has passed several times and is now inspired to go in for a browse!