Self at Turner Contemporary

Although I personally can't bring myself to use it, 'selfie' is now an accepted and commonly used word. Self at Turner Contemporary is an acknowledgement of the self-portrait within the context of today's society combined with a historical look its development.


Margate Yacht Club

One of the main reasons I enjoy writing my blog is that when I find something great, I can share it with others. It's particularly exciting when I find something that many people don't know very much about. This time I'm talking about Margate Yacht Club.


Margate's Floor

A few photographs that I've captured while looking down at the ground in Margate.


The Shell Grotto

Despite being born in Margate and living most of my life in Thanet, I am shocked to say that recently, I went to The Shell Grotto for the first time!


Danish Collectables

So it turns out that good-looking furniture pleases me greatly. I already knew this but throw in some Danish ingenuity and I'm left wishing I wasn't living in a one bedroom flat and that I could in fact, furnish a whole house with these wondrous objects.


Eye On Margate

Some photographs (including film and digital images) that I've taken in Margate over recent years.


Fort's Café

A few weeks ago I woke up and quickly realised that only bacon would do. I made the short walk up from Margate seafront and found myself at Fort's Café.