Whether you're a local, a day-tripper, or even a dirty-weekender, you're likely to have heard about Haeckels. One of Margate's biggest success stories, this wild fragrance and seaweed skincare brand provides an original and unique shopping experience, with carefully crafted products that you'll just need to take home with you.



I didn't expect to make this post, but this has been on my mind constantly since Friday and I want to talk about it. I know this has nothing to do with Margate, but I recently fell in love with a beautiful city which has since faced the most awful events.


Margate Meets: Arianna Larelli

Arianna Larelli is a 24-year-old fashion designer from Thanet. She currently works for Topman as a Freelance Design Assistant and is part of their leisurewear team. Now living in Stratford, Arianna also works on her own designs in her spare time and still loves coming back to visit her mum in Margate.


Halloween in Margate

Halloween is coming and Margate's got your day out sorted! My suggestion is that you get into the spirit (ha!) with two of the town's biggest attractions; Dreamland and Turner Contemporary.


The Ambrette

Recently, I was invited to The Ambrette restaurant in Margate to sample their new 'Exotic Roast' menu. I had heard so many good things about this restaurant before my visit so I was excited to go along for the very first time!


Margate Box Set

I'm excited to announce that you can now buy my box set of 12 mini prints of Margate! They are available at Etcetera, Plinth and The Fox and Spindle in Margate.


HFW Vintage Lookbook

HFW Vintage sells vintage clothing in Margate Old Town. Owner Ally Blackgrove has been trading for a year and a half and loves having an influence on young fashion locally.


Margate House

It used to be Burtons, then it was something called Artoptikon, and now it's looking fancy in black and white and about to open its doors...but what on earth is this building on the High Street and what's been going on? 


FotoFest Margate

As part of the Margate Festival 'Tribes', organisers are staging FotoFest Margate; a series of photographic-related exhibitions, talks, workshops and events taking place across town. Working in collaboration, Vortigern, Lombard Street Gallery and the brand new Margate House are celebrating the 'Photographers' Tribe'.


Art Car Boot Fair

Next Sunday (30th August) brings a first for Margate - the Art Car Boot Fair is coming to town! Now this is exciting because 1. I love art and 2. I ruddy love a good boot fair.


Seaside Subcultures: The Tribes of Los Angeles

A month-long festival and celebration of seaside subcultures is currently taking place in Margate. I wanted to contribute something as a blogger to Tribes so, inspired by the theme, I thought I'd share some photographs that I took last year while visiting Los Angeles.


Etcetera - Plants, Flowers & Interiors

Etcetera is beautiful. A shop for plants, flowers and interiors; it opened on Love Lane this week.


Margate Carnival & Soul Weekend

One of my favourite times of the year in Margate is Soul Weekend. I'm a huge fan of soul music and it's great to be able to go and enjoy it in a variety of settings, whether it's in one of the many bars, at an outdoor stage (free to the public) or even just by being on the Margate steps and soaking up the amazing atmosphere. There's something really satisfying about sitting in the sun and hearing Marvin Gaye being played across the sea.


A Guide to Margate (For Betty Magazine)

Recently, I was contacted by Betty Magazine who asked me to write a guide to Margate.


Margate in July

Here's some things I've seen in and around town this month.


The Dalby and The Diner

The Dalby and The Diner; one is a long standing establishment, popular with locals offering traditional English food. The other is brand spanking new, trendy and offers the best in the classic all-American menu. I've been a regular at one of them for several years and the other, I tried for the first time last Saturday night, but both got visits during a somewhat indulgent weekend.


Darling Dreamland

Our darling Dreamland is here!
After years of waiting, the world's first heritage amusement park is open in Margate. 


A Day of Firsts

Today I decided to act like a tourist in Margate and spent the day doing things that, somehow, I've never done in the town before. 


Margate Meets: Rob Ball

You may have seen or heard about Rob Ball quite a lot recently. He photographed Margate's theme park, Dreamland, before its long awaited multi-million pound restoration. Images from his project, 'Dreamlands', are now on display at The Photographers' Gallery in London.


Shades of Blue

Shades of blue in Margate this week.


Margate Meets: Tracy Kendall

Tracy Kendall is a wallpaper designer who is based in Margate. Her work caught my attention because I hadn't seen anything like it before. The striking and unique wall coverings that she produces are handmade.


Grayson Perry - Provincial Punk

I was so excited when I found out Grayson Perry was coming to Margate's Turner Contemporary. Firstly, another huge name in the art world was coming to the gallery, and secondly because I really admire how Grayson addresses the art world.


The Sunken Garden

I love the Sunken Garden. It's in Westbrook, the area between Margate and Westgate-on-Sea. A peaceful and secluded alternative to the beach, there's lots of pretty plants around and it's a charming place for a picnic.


Margate in May

Loved this sign. I'd quite like a beach house too. Shame they're earth-shatteringly expensive.


Margate Meets: Alex Foster

Continuing my series on talking to creative people from Margate...

Alex Foster is a 23-year-old illustrator who is already doing incredibly well for himself.


This Week: Margate in Pictures

What a week for Margate. Vivienne Westwood came to tea in the Old Town, the first signs of summer started appearing on the beach and the sky was bonkers. 


Margate Meets: Laura Stevens

I'm starting a new series of posts that include interviews with interesting and creative people from Margate. I'm beginning the series by talking to 24-year-old fashion designer, Laura Stevens.


Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival

Oh Easter, you are too good to us. 
Not only is there an excuse to eat a stupid amount of chocolate (provided it is egg-shaped), it's also time for the annual resurrection of the Planet Thanet Easter Beer Festival!


Never Mind The Cupcakes

Warning. This post will make you exceptionally hungry so it might be a good idea to have a slice of cake or alternatively pie to hand, you know, just in case.


Spring Comes To Margate

A few photos I've taken this weekend. The sun and (slightly) warmer temperatures arrived in town. I even managed to eat a sandwich on the Margate steps. It's all genuinely very exciting!


Margate in the Past

As a lover of both photography and all things vintage, I am fascinated by seeing photographs of Margate in the past. Changes in technology are immediately apparent in these historical images, however, the differences in familiar streets and buildings provide a slightly strange feeling.


Home at Resort Studios

To those who are not local, Cliftonville is an area in the town of Margate, which, in recent years, has become run down and the site of considerable deprivation. Resort is a somewhat unlikely recent addition to this particular area yet it continues to work with residents as well as bringing those interested in the arts 'up the hill' from Margate itself.


Yama's Thai English Cafe

Yama's quite simply makes the journey to the top end of Margate High Street more than worthwhile. This cafe combines a very informal, relaxed and friendly environment with the most delicious, fresh and affordable Thai food that I've ever had the pleasure of eating.


Self at Turner Contemporary

Although I personally can't bring myself to use it, 'selfie' is now an accepted and commonly used word. Self at Turner Contemporary is an acknowledgement of the self-portrait within the context of today's society combined with a historical look its development.


Margate Yacht Club

One of the main reasons I enjoy writing my blog is that when I find something great, I can share it with others. It's particularly exciting when I find something that many people don't know very much about. This time I'm talking about Margate Yacht Club.


Margate's Floor

A few photographs that I've captured while looking down at the ground in Margate.


The Shell Grotto

Despite being born in Margate and living most of my life in Thanet, I am shocked to say that recently, I went to The Shell Grotto for the first time!


Danish Collectables

So it turns out that good-looking furniture pleases me greatly. I already knew this but throw in some Danish ingenuity and I'm left wishing I wasn't living in a one bedroom flat and that I could in fact, furnish a whole house with these wondrous objects.


Eye On Margate

Some photographs (including film and digital images) that I've taken in Margate over recent years.


Fort's Café

A few weeks ago I woke up and quickly realised that only bacon would do. I made the short walk up from Margate seafront and found myself at Fort's Café.