Five things I'm loving about Margate right now

My blog wasn't designed to be a TripAdvisor-style set of review posts, in fact it was more of a "I'm going to be a blogger!" revelation while tipsy one New Year's Eve, but it turned out that I had a lot to say about Margate. 



Last month I went to Portugal for the very first time and stayed in the beautiful city of Lisbon. Like Budapest and Berlin before it, Lisbon seems to be the European city of choice at the moment for 20 and 30-somethings looking for a cool and cultural getaway.


Guest Post: A Guide to Deal with Discover Deal

Hi, we’re Charlotte and Ben from Discover Deal, we love our town so much we decided to make a website dedicated to it. We cover a lot, from writing about events, creating recipes and reviewing restaurants.


Margate Location House

Margate is full of creatives, which means there is always an exciting project going on. Having seen the Instagram account for Margate Location House, I knew it was somewhere that I needed to visit. 


Margate Meets: Chetna Makan

The Great British Bake Off: the channel-hopping show with a presenter shake-up that has been the subject of hot debate, responsible for cake-induced food comas (for me anyway) and THAT baked Alaska situation - it's totally unique and food porn at its best.



Things have been quiet on the blogging front lately. It has been a very busy time in life generally but I also recently went on holiday. Naturally this took up a lot of my focus and dare I say it, made me think about somewhere other than Margate ;)


Margate Meets: Karen Shepherdson

Dr Karen Shepherson is a photographer and reader in photography at Canterbury Christ Church University. She is also Director of the South East Archive of Seaside Photography (SEAS), something that I’ve been fascinated by for some time.


Margate Meets: Gemma Cairney

Gemma Cairney is a BBC broadcaster who has made award-winning documentaries and presents The Surgery Show on Radio 1. 


Margate Winter Warmers

It feels like time has barely passed since the summer but Margate has waved goodbye to sandals and deckchairs, and now us locals find ourselves facing those ‘bracing’ winds in woolly hats, as we defiantly trudge across the beach.



Something I've learnt in the 2010s is that we bloody love a so-called 'lifestyle' store. Never did I expect to see these trendy shops opening in Margate in its gloomy pre-Turner Contemporary years, but they're popping up with pace. The latest and one of the loveliest, is Môr on Fort Hill, opposite the aforementioned gallery.