Margate Meets: Mélanie Johnsson

Mélanie Johnsson is a French illustrator living in Margate. She has worked with Dr Martens and Penguin Books to name a few. I had first discovered her work on Instagram and was instantly intrigued by her vibrant work and playful use of colour. 


Margate Meets: Amber Butchart

As we all know, Margate is full of interesting and creative people. Someone that I have been following on social media for some time is Amber Butchart, a fashion historian and writer who has presented documentaries for the BBC.


Bongo's Bingo

The Bongo’s Bingo phenomenon has been described as a catalyst for a shift in the nightlife scene across the country, with many people eschewing the usual clubs, festivals and bars for an altogether different experience of bingo wildly reinvented into a whole new way of having fun. 


*Is back*

Oh look, it's the inevitable "sorry I've been quiet on the blog front lately" post that I so wanted to avoid but hey, I've lasted three years on this blog without writing it, that's not bad going!

Anyway, I'M BACK.


Five things I'm loving about Margate right now

My blog wasn't designed to be a TripAdvisor-style set of review posts, in fact it was more of a "I'm going to be a blogger!" revelation while tipsy one New Year's Eve, but it turned out that I had a lot to say about Margate. 



Last month I went to Portugal for the very first time and stayed in the beautiful city of Lisbon. Like Budapest and Berlin before it, Lisbon seems to be the European city of choice at the moment for 20 and 30-somethings looking for a cool and cultural getaway.


Guest Post: A Guide to Deal with Discover Deal

Hi, we’re Charlotte and Ben from Discover Deal, we love our town so much we decided to make a website dedicated to it. We cover a lot, from writing about events, creating recipes and reviewing restaurants.


Margate Location House

Margate is full of creatives, which means there is always an exciting project going on. Having seen the Instagram account for Margate Location House, I knew it was somewhere that I needed to visit. 


Margate Meets: Chetna Makan

The Great British Bake Off: the channel-hopping show with a presenter shake-up that has been the subject of hot debate, responsible for cake-induced food comas (for me anyway) and THAT baked Alaska situation - it's totally unique and food porn at its best.



Things have been quiet on the blogging front lately. It has been a very busy time in life generally but I also recently went on holiday. Naturally this took up a lot of my focus and dare I say it, made me think about somewhere other than Margate ;)